The Comite Center for Precision Medicine utilizes a range of personalized, preventive diagnostic and therapeutic measures to yield a precise understanding of your health destiny.

Twenty-first century science, including technologies in genomics, proteinomics and metabolomics, assess your health at the cellular level – in tandem with a detailed look at your background and current environment.

Our assessments are not “the usual.” Comite Center blood testing, for example, employs a more comprehensive panel than that typically used during your yearly check-up. In measuring lipids, for instance, we examine not just the ‘surface’ levels of various types of cholesterol but also texture, particle size and the number of smaller molecules, resulting in a deeper, broader picture than LDL, HDL and Total Cholesterol numbers. Other biomarkers we assess include inflammation level, bone health and the immune system. Relationships among these measurements tell us a great deal about how well an individual’s body is currently functioning and what the future holds.


Return to peak health

Precision Medicine focuses on optimizing your health and enhancing your quality of life by reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and other disorders of aging. Your metabolism is at the heart of every chemical change that occurs in your system, and your hormones are the “change agents” of metabolism, directing the activities and processes within your body. We look long and hard at your hormones and work to optimize their effectiveness.

Gain muscle, lose fat

Our goal is not simply to lower the number on your scale, but to improve your body composition: reduction in body fat and increase in lean muscle mass. Some patients will experience no net weight change but will notice that their clothes are starting to fit better. Why? They’re losing pounds of fat and gaining pounds of muscle. Comite Center clinicians team with each individual to ensure that positive changes are happening internally, even if the number on the scale remains about the same.

Boost energy

The number one complaint we hear from men and women is “NO ENERGY!” They’re not able to balance personal and professional lives. They are running on no sleep. They are in need of a 3PM nap, and not just on weekends. You, too, may experience low energy. This may be because your cortisol has bottomed out, or because you’re going long stretches without eating, or you’re not staying hydrated. Chances are good that your hormone levels are not where they should be. We’ll help you get back on track.

Improve sexual function and libido

We treat couples who are concerned with sexual function. This happens most often when one partner comes in for treatment, starts feeling the energy, and recommends a Comite Center visit to the other. In addition to lifestyle improvements in the areas of sleep, stress, exercise and nutrition, hormone optimization may also make a critical difference in sexual function and libido. We measure levels when you begin the program so that you have your own personal baseline as a point of reference. Then we’ll help you optimize those levels.

Prevent and reverse the disorders associated with aging

Even if you have a genetic predisposition toward one or more diseases of aging – cancer, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis - it does NOT mean that disease is your destiny. Scientific evidence shows that the choices you make in life can impact the expression of your genes, for better or worse. We’ll help you make smart choices. Did you know, for instance, that if you have a particular genetic marker that puts you at risk for heart disease, you can potentially reduce that risk to zero by eating lots of raw fruits and vegetables? Oh yes, you can.

The Precision Medicine approach? Assess deeply, interpret thoroughly, lay out a health care program created uniquely for you and watch you take charge of your health destiny.

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