Precision Medicine is an emerging field of medicine that, in more than one respect, turns conventional healthcare delivery on its head. It is dedicated, above all else, to the proposition that medicine makes more sense when it is not “one-size-fits all.”

Conventional healthcare relies on evidence-based studies. When a statistically significant percentage of experimental subjects respond positively to a particular treatment, that treatment is developed for general delivery, through standardized protocols, to patients. This is the “one size fits all” approach: a treatment having positive effects on a significant number of individuals will, generally, be the treatment a doctor prescribes for you.

In contrast, Precision Medicine deeply examines you, a unique individual, to develop treatments that precisely meet your requirements for optimizing health, enhancing quality of life and reducing the risk of developing diseases associated with aging.

By examining the interactions of your genes, biomarkers, family history and lifestyle – the unique makeup that is YOU - a Precisionist physician can detect or predict diseases such as cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease years – sometimes decades – before symptoms manifest.

This is not disease medicine, this is about preserving your health for the rest of your life. A Healthspan to Match Your Lifespan.™

Dr Florence Comite

Physician and patient together build a comprehensive health blueprint based on detailed family and personal history, environment, genomics and other cutting-edge technologies. This blueprint is the foundation for a healthcare (not “disease care”) approach to optimize your health for life. You emerge with a thorough and integrated understanding of your current health, the anticipated arc of your health trajectory and the “steering wheel” by which you will own – and can change - your health destiny.

Optimize Your Health Trajectory.™

Own Your Health Destiny.™