Limb-Saving Socks

Imagine receiving a text from your socks: The laces on your left sneaker are tied too tightly and there’s a pebble under your right heel. That’s the premise of the SenseGo Smart Socks— a new technology designed for diabetics who lose sensitivity in their legs and feet, and, as a result of not sensing pain or discomfort, may damage them extensively. Developed at Hebrew University and Hadassah Hospital, Smart Socks are embedded with dozens of pressure sensors that register foot problems as electrical signals relayed to a smartphone app.

Bogus BMI

My fitness trainer is morbidly obese — at least according to his body mass index (BMI), a measure of height and weight that many people use as a health gauge. But this old-school measure is entirely imprecise. A new study reveals that using BMI incorrectly labels more than 54 million Americans as “unhealthy,” even though

I Heart Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are seriously gnarly critters, but new research suggests the bloodsuckers may, in fact, have life-saving potential. Scientists who mapped the genome of the bed bugs found throughout the New York City subway system say the genetic findings may aid the development of better human blood thinners and stroke prevention. That’s because bed bugs

Rewired Gen-om …

What if you could reprogram your DNA, and improve your ability to cope with stress, simply by being ‘mindful’ of your thoughts and feelings? A new study on the effect of mindfulness on genes suggests just that. While previous research has shown that mindfulness, a form of secular meditation achieved by focusing on the present