Step 1: Precision Health Questionnaire (PHQ)

Your Precision Health Analysis (PHA) begins with our proprietary PHQ. You will be guided to our secure, online Client Portal to complete this unique questionnaire that drills deep into your lifestyle, personal and family history.

Medical Records

Your medical records and digital health app data (i.e. Fitbit, Apple watch, Oura ring, whoop, etc.) provide keen insight into your health profile and future health trajectory as you age. Our team will curate a portfolio of your lifestyle, personal and family medical history that enables insight and an assessment of your trends over time, incorporating data from your physician and any other clinicians (such as a physical therapist or psychologist) in your network. We include, labs your primary care physician orders annually to test your glucose (sugar) and thyroid. We also encourage clients who have undergone any specialty genetic testing, or who employ digital health apps and tools to measure sleep, food, or exercise on a regular basis to share the data with our team. We will integrate this data into our analysis.

Step 2: Baseline BioMarkers

Our experienced phlebotomists will travel to your home, office, or hotel to collect a blood draw after a 10-12 hour fast. Only water is permitted to stay hydrated while fasting. A urine sample is also requested. Our team alternatively coordinates with the nearest Quest Patient Service Center to ensure convenience. Our customized Precision Health panel screens >300 BioMarkers. The spectrum of tests ranges from comprehensive metabolic screening, sophisticated hormonal measurements, carbohydrate and lipid panels, nutritional, inflammatory, bone, and immunology markers.

Step 3: Exercise Physiologist TeleMed (EPTM)

A Comite Exercise Physiologist (EP) will speak with you during the TeleMed (TM) the same week as your Baseline BioMarkers (Laboratory tests) are drawn. Your EP will speak with you and collect information about your lifestyle to enhance our ability to assess your current health standing as well as to predict and detect your future health trajectory, such as your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer among other diseases of aging.

Our experience with thousands of clients over two decades allows us to connect the bits and bytes of your story. We relate that information to the measured Baseline BioMarkers in your lab tests. Then, we peel back the surface to see your health trajectory.

Step 4: TeleMed Consultation (TM)

The Comite Clinical Team, led by Florence Comite MD, has collected and reviewed all of your information, your personal medical and family history, as well as your Baseline BioMarker data and EPTM report. Any past diagnostics and data shared by your physicians and clinicians sent to us (with a signed medical release from you) is incorporated into the analysis by the Comite Team.

This proprietary process and the procedures incorporated typically take 12 weeks to perform. We are only able to speed up the timing if there are urgent indicators and/or rationale and/or due to special requests. It is a time-consuming and sensitive task that Dr. Comite approaches seriously, no stone is left unturned in this process. We ask you to recognize and acknowledge that you are unique and deserve essential time for us to deeply excavate and absorb all the variables that make you, you.

The TM will bring it all together for you. Our Physician Associate leads the TM and explains the data so you understand how the team decodes, illuminates, interprets, and integrates your unique findings. Dr. Comite feels it is paramount for you to feel comfortable understanding what the team has interpreted and how we recognize the relationship within the data. What the differences are between the so-called “normal range” versus optimal BioMarkers. How evidence-based medicine weighs into the equation and why laboratory values vary tremendously. We predict your ‘healthspan’ path and peer into the future of your lifespan. We are peeling back layers that hide cellular changes in your body that are not necessarily visible because they are beneath the surface.

You may not even be experiencing any symptoms, or you may notice that you are slowing down or can’t keep up; energy may be fading or not, sleep may be an issue- whether getting enough, trouble falling asleep, or awakening in the middle of the night. Exercise may be a regular activity or not even part of your life. All these factors and much more are considered.

Overall, this TM is critical for several reasons. Most important is that we give you the insight necessary to learn what we see and what we know, and how that is related to you personally. Next you ‘own’ that understanding. You also have the opportunity to contemplate what we have explained at your own pace. Dr. Comite feels strongly that this is a vital component to our systematic approach for you. You need to be an open minded skeptic about information that is expressed to you. You may want to do your own research, explore thoughtfully, and bring your questions to us when we meet at the Comite Center.

Comite’s favorite testimonial is when a client says: “I feel like myself again!” Typically, we hear this ultimate compliment within weeks of the Comite Program.

You may not even realize how much you give up and that you do not have to age in that fashion. There are unique factors at the cellular level that worsen with age and undermine your healthspan. You do not have to "get used to it, you’re aging!”

You have to assess and adjust with the understanding that your story and your data lead Dr. Comite to present actionable interventions that work uniquely for you! Our premise, the N-of-1, is that you are not an average, as conventional medicine one-size-fits-all protocols are set up. Dr. Comite sets up a profound deep dive into thousands of data points as you proceed along with an analysis of your trends. This critical perspective does not exist anywhere else in the world.

We have exhaustively explored the world and have not found any other academic, clinical center, or practice that offers this deeply personal and precise intel about your current and future health based on longitudinal, clinical research.

Step 5: Bone Studies & Body Composition

Your Dexa Scan including bone density and body composition assessments are scheduled in conjunction with your in-person visit to the Comite Center for Precision Medicine & Health.

Bone Density analyzes your risk for osteopenia and ultimately osteoporosis (also known as bone thinning), which can lead to shrinking, neck curvature, wrist, hip, and spine fractures. There are a number of risk factors, such as family history, age, and ethnicity, that influence your bone health.

Body Composition analyzes your lean muscle mass and visceral fat mass; both an important vector for current and future health. Comite outcomes are known to reverse visceral fat and sarcopenia, which is the loss of muscle mass, strength, and function related to aging. After 70 years of age it is more common to be thin than fat. The reason? Visceral fat may not be visible (visceral means the fat can be buried in organs, like the liver) and weight loss is due to loss of lean muscle.

Step 6: Precision Health Analysis

Internal and Performance Analyses

Your Comite Center PHA journey continues with an in-office visit to our state-of-the-art headquarters located in the uniquely situated Central Park South office between Fifth Avenue and Columbus Circle – facing Central Park.

You are greeted with a warm Comite welcome as you arrive on the 2nd floor. You have already interacted with several members of the team as we have gathered and reviewed your story and data together and with you directly.

Your PHA continues with an advanced body composition analysis, and a series of specialized assessments of your strength and aerobic fitness, as well as vascular, cardiac, and respiratory health. With the privacy and undivided attention offered during this cornerstone of our personalized approach, the Center offers you a Pod during your stay, a customized living space with couches, tables, desks, and an ensuite bathroom with a shower. Your team, including the designated Physician Associate, Exercise Physiologist, and Clinical Intern, along with Dr. Florence Comite will meet with you in your pod during your visit with us.

We create your personalized and precise health portfolio, focusing on recommendations that arise from our insights with your preferences taken into consideration during our Comite wrap-up. You have a voice at the table too, we want to know how you feel about our suggestions and we ask you to weigh-in along the way.

Step 7: Personalized & Precise Recommendations

Your PHA ends with actionable interventions:

  • Summary of your current health status and future health trajectory
  • Input with respect to your sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress, and mood
  • Digital health tools for insights that fit your precise makeup and guide you to future progress
  • Supplement and medication customization and initiation
  • Advanced Precision Diagnostics and Coordination
  • Referrals to preferred specialists within our curated physician and clinical network

Continuing the Journey:

The Program

You are a Comite client after the program documents are reviewed and you decide to proceed. As such, you are investing in your healthspan to sustain an active and fully participatory lifespan, with vitality and energy. Your personal ‘Health CEO quarterback and team’ will partner with you for all of your health decisions.

Your Comite team will innovate, intervene, introduce, manage, and tailor recommendations as we continuously assess your health, response to interventions, and your trajectory. The Comite Center and program incorporates:

  1. Clinically proven Biomarker tests, Internal Assessment (InBody, FibroScan, etc.), Bone Studies, and Performance Health Analysis (muscular strength and VO2 with our digitally designed platform) to objectively measure progress.
  2. Actionable interventions based on your precise data.
  3. Regular Exercise Physiologist check-in, in addition to bi-annual performance assessments to evaluate progress and help you stay on track.
  4. Digital health tools as individually appropriate (i.e. CGM).
  5. Monitoring medications, including personalized hormones, peptides, and supplements.
  6. Advanced Precision Diagnostics and consultation: whole-genome sequencing (WGS), personalized genomics and personalized microbiome analysis, telomere assessment, predictive aging, detecting methylated circulating DNA liquid biopsies for pre-stage 0 cancer, etc.
  7. TeleMed support from your Comite team.
  8. Insider access and referrals to the leading specialists and medical institutions across the globe.
  9. Coordinated messaging among your existing physician and clinician network and record keeping.
  10. Annual Precision Health Analysis with advanced actionable interventions and active anti-aging processes, as appropriate, personal, and precise.
  11. Discounted access to body contouring, esthetics, and IV Infusion packages, all innovative and synergistic clinical protocols unique to Comite Center.
  12. New tools and interventions curated by Dr. Comite’s unique abilities to investigate and research interventions that are actionable, precise, and measurable.
  13. Stay in touch, proactively.

What can I expect with precision medicine?

At Comite Center for precision medicine, you can benefit from various custom-tailored therapies and treatments, such as:

Comite Center for Precision Medicine provides advanced testing for important biomarkers, such as HbA1C and blood glucose. The team also offers bone studies and assesses your previous medical records and family history. Instead of comparing your parameters to an abstract average of the population, the Comite providers depend on the N-of-1 methodology that uses your individual baseline data to detect possible anomalies and problems, such as disorders of aging like prediabetes and hyperlipidemia.

Comite Center for Precision Medicine also offers precision health analysis (PHA) — a comprehensive assessment of thousands of biomarkers, data points, and patterns over a five- or six-week process. Precision medicine often utilizes the predictive power of AI (artificial intelligence) and involves looking at your sleep, your diet, genetic susceptibility, exercise, and other important factors.