See Your Future Health on Your Phone

see your future health on your phone

You and your family deserve virtual precision medicine today. 

I have seen remarkable progress in the way people access health care over the past two decades. People no longer passively wait for doctors to help navigate their health journey. We take supplements and measure our macronutrients (protein, fats, and carbs), and micronutrients, such as vitamins D and B12. We buy fitness trackers and home blood pressure monitors, and we track our steps, sleep, and heart rates with wearables like Oura Rings and Whoops. Monitoring our health has become a part of our daily lives. And so, seeing your future health is now possible.

It’s a Digital Health Revolution!

As digital health companies continue to build, improve, and scale, these advances have the potential to benefit all of us in every community, regardless of location or income. And yet, some technological advances in proactive medicine are available only to a select few who can afford them. That’s not health equity. And it’s not right.  


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We at Groq Health want to change that.

We believe that for effective health care to truly be about health, and not disease, it must be personal, precise, predictive, proactive, available, and affordable to all. For these reasons and more, we have created Groq Health, an app that helps you investigate and own your health, with guidance from a team of clinicians. I believe we all deserve amazing health for life. Remember the old-fashion family doctor who knew you and your family and took care of everyone? Groq Health aims to deliver that medical care to you and your loved ones through our app. And it’s all based on scientific evidence derived from more than two decades of clinical wisdom and incredible outcomes.

Our new app analyzes your unique personal and family health history and your diet and exercise practices. It also analyzes your glucose in real-time using a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM).  We measure key biomarkers through a blood test. From this data and more, our science-based algorithms determine your future health trajectory. The personalized health portfolio we generate for you is very different from the one-size-fits-all approach you get from traditional medicine. Our clinicians then intervene, prescribing a custom plan to help you achieve optimal health. In short, the Groq Health app allows you to own your health future, to live longer, better, healthier. 

Your unique metrics are based on the seven pillars of health—genomics, metabolism, hormones, personal history, family history, habits (sleep, food, drink, exercise, restorative practices), and macro and micronutrients. Our unique scientific algorithms capture and interpret your data, health records, regimens, and clinical input, and provide you with specific recommendations to improve your health trajectory.  


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