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Precision Medicine located in Midtown Manhattan

Comite Center takes precision medicine & health to the next level with a proactive and modern approach to characterizing your health trajectory, optimizing your health span, and lowering your health risks. In Midtown Manhattan, New York City, empathic and experienced physician Florence Comite MD, and her skillful team offer unparalleled client-centric support to men and women, CEOs, celebrities, physicians, athletes, lawyers, investors, executives, and their teams, seeking to optimize health, prevent and reverse diseases of aging to extend vitality and healthy lifespan.

Our focus is on Endocrinology, Dermatology, Precision Medicine, and Health.

Using our exclusive custom-tailored Precision Health Analysis tools and procedures, your Comite team will assess your overall wellness. Then we will innovate, intervene, introduce, manage, and tailor recommendations as we continuously assess your health, response to interventions, and your trajectory so you can attain a healthspan to match their lifespan!

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Welcome to the Comite Center for Precision Medicine & Health

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Our Approach

We partner with each client to deliver a world class experience and tailored health interventions for lifelong vitality and performance.

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Getting Started

Your journey begins with a Precision Health Analysis™ (also known as PHA) a profound, multifaceted, in-depth, and comprehensive look into thousands of data points, and the trends that make you, you.

The goal? Optimal health from the inside, out, with the vitality and energy to live life to the fullest! Attain a healthspan to match your lifespan.

Precision Health Accelerators

Our uniquely curated ancillary services offer individuals access to leading-edge, clinically therapeutic interventions that enhance outcomes.

Our services work synergistically in concert with Comite Center’s personalized and precise recommendations. Our clients enjoy the added benefit of data-based recommendations to ensure each will ideally attain optimal outcomes.

We have the technology; we know your story; we interpret your data. We have an advantage derived from our personal and precise service in synergy with your makeup.

Comite Precision Dermatology

At Comite Precision Dermatology, our focus is to enhance your natural beauty, rejuvenate vitality, and revive youthfulness. Our N-of-1 treatments are designed and tailored precisely to your unique skin type, conditions, and goals. Look no further than here for all precision dermatology and body contouring solutions to bring your beauty inside out! Book your consult today and look forward to glowing results.

& Clinicians

Florence Comite
Founder & CEO
Precision Medicine & Health
Lauren Klein
Physician Associate
Precision Medicine & Health
Vanessa Arcuri
Physician Associate
Precision Medicine & Health
Chris Arboleda
Exercise Physiologist
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